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Give every student the tools needed to utilize the enormous 3D potential from their early years.

Friendly Interface

AB3Dedu is customized to look as friendly as it needs to catch your students attention and keep them more focused on the learning process.

Friendly Interface

AB3Dedu comes with a big library of common real life objects for your students to use in their scene or open individually to practice and learn.

AB3Dedu features

Add the fun and entertaining experience to your students learning life, and make the most of their time, potential and talent.

Simplified modeling process

We’ve made the 3D modeling process easy and simple with live tutorial of how 2D plans are projected together to solve and create the 3D scene.

Built-in Course tutorials

You can search and browse our custom level videos and tutorials for your students to learn from.



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App Store

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If you are

A Teacher

and looking for a hands-on course for your classroom students

A School

and want to introduce 3D-based education into your institution curricula

A Parent

and want to encourage your child to grow a passion for creating





Users feedback

I’ve been using Eduka3D for about 2 months now, I really like how this software gets you hooked into releasing your ideas and turning them into reality, not just that but it helps you perfecting them into a more neat, professional design.And one more aspect that I find it a deal seal, it’s actually a fun experience.

Kali Philippon

Senior Architect


3 Month

18.0 CHF
  • License for 90 days
  • 10 extra free days
  • Unlimited design projects

6 Months

29.0 CHF
  • License for 180 days
  • 20 extra free days
  • Unlimited design projects

1 Year

49.0 CHF
  • License for 365 days
  • 30 extra free days
  • Unlimited design projects

CAMP 2020

550.0 CHF
  • License for 360 days
  • 15 extra free days
  • Unlimited design projects

College of Health Sciences

1.0 CHF
  • License for 30 days
  • 15 extra free days
  • Unlimited design projects

From scratch to design in 30 seconds

We make 3D printing and 3D design simple, easy, accessible and affordable, for amateurs and experts alike, to fuel the next generation of users by ensuring 3D is central to STEM curricula.