Immerse your child into the world of 3D design with our Academy,
complete with workshops, activities, interactive quizes, and everything
your young one needs to fall in love with 3D printing.


Who benefits from the Academy?

A Teacher

and looking for a hands-on course for your classroom students

A School

and want to introduce 3D-based education into your institution's curricula

A Parent

and want to encourage your child to grow a passion for creating

Eduka3D Academy for Learners


Eduka3D is not just a software program! It is rather a Language, a Pedagogic Tool and an Education Kit that may serve all spheres of knowledge. Our workshops are tailored for students of early ages and can easily fit young adults. We offer skill and coverage leveled modules, with clear objectives, resources, and a time table for both instructor and students.

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Eduka3D Academy for Trainers

Teaching Modules

We give the teacher a detailed roadmap he follows to get the best of his time and his student's skills and potential. We visit schools and train their teaching staff to become professional 3D instructors, providing them with our powerful 3D design suite; so they can successfully run full classes and encourage their students to explore the 3D world.

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Interactive Discussion



Interactive Quiz

Work Sheet

Work Design

Work Competition

Work Project

Activity Duration: 6 Hours
Online Course

- Peep into the 3D world.
- Learn about 2D and 3D shapes.
- Learn about 2D and 3D printing.
- Learn about different parts of a 3D printer.
- Explore the Magic Tool or the AB3Dedu software.
- Use the Magic Tool to design and print your first object.

Activity Duration: 8 Hours
Online Course

- Play the Face Name Game.
- Learn about 2D shapes and their properties.
- Make 2D shapes using the playdough and the magnetic set.
- Observe 2D shapes in the environment and in nature .
- Design 2D shapes in the Magic Tool and print them.
- Master more than half of the AB3Dedu drawing tools.
- Design a personalized object and print it.

Activity Duration: 8 Hours
Online Course

- Learn about the scope of the 3D printing in your life.
- Learn about different 3D shapes and their properties.
- Make these 3D shapes using the playdough and the magnetic set.
- Design 3D shapes in the Magic Tool.
- Learn how to design in multi layers.
- Design and print a Mine-Craft Rabbit Head.

Eduka3D Academy Service

Online Courses

For parents, teachers or adults who want to train younger children on 3D design and printing, our interactive online training will equip them with the right materials, skills and flow of training so that they can conduct smoothly their 3D sessions and make them interesting and engaging for their young students.
Students may take self-paced online courses to improve their 3D skills, manage their time and indulge themselves into challenging making projects, in a creative, playful, and educational environment.

Make your first object
A step by step guide, and an easy introduction to 3D design. Get your hands on, make your first design and print it, There is no age limit.
Duration: 01h 30m
Fast Design and Print
it's a fast track, Learn how to use our easy 3D SW then you will be guided to 3D design and 3D print your simple object in less than an hour.
Duration: 40m
Group Design Projects
Help your student train on how to plan and work in team when they design their complex ideas thorough a step-by-step guide.
Duration: 02h 05m
Eduka3D Academy Service

Custom Materials?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any custom or special materials, services, or any help.