Help your students become
the innovators of tomorrow!

Our STEM-based curricula target
the interests of the younger ages, transforming
their curiosities into a passion to create.

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Our Mission Starts From
Early School Years.

3D Printing and design is on its way to revolutionize how we manufacture, in a sense that it will put the means of production in everyone's hands.

Our vision is to give every student the tools needed to utilize this enormous potential from their early years, so that by the time they reach the age of curiosity and discovery; they are able to take matters into their own hands.

We want this technology to be in every classroom and every home the same way computers and internet are.

If you are

A Teacher

and looking for a hands-on course for your classroom students

A School

and want to introduce 3D-based education into your institution's curricula

A Parent

and want to encourage your child to grow a passion for creating




Eduka3D in Education

Classroom Courses

Explore the fun, entertaining experience of designing your deep ideas and turning them into real objects via a set of rich tools that are suitable for everyone, a magic journey that will take you from scratch to pros level.

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During Weekends & Holidays

Modeled flexibly to fit into a tight weekend schedule, or over a longer period of time, the basics of 3D printing and design presented in a way that sparks the enthusiasm of younger kids towards the subject.

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Open houses and free courses

Our online community of learners. Created to help 3D enthusiasts meet, share, and take what they've learnt to the next level.

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Why is Eduka3D essential
for your students?

STEM-Based Fun

Eduka3D is designed to include STEM principles laid out in a fun and interactive way.

Hands-On, Interactive

Not just a textbook course, the most efficient way to learn is by doing it yourself!

Younger Ages

We introduce 3D concepts into the very young ages; to spark their curiosity and encourage them to start creating!

Patented Technology

All our courses are backed by our proprietary, patented 3D design technology.

2D to 3D Worlds

A journey of 2D to 3D transformation, from the basics of 2D shapes to complex 3D structures.

Pedagogical Learning

Built around Child-Centered, Project-Based, STEM, and 21st Century Education Methodologies.